Codeskid launched at the end of 2016 and have gone through two website revisions, improving the user experience each time. We felt the past website still hasn't met the standards we would like, so we have worked on a new revision and the final for some time now.

We have changed the overall design of the website, along with a new logo. We have designed the website to be easy on the viewer eye, along with easy navigation to find sections of the website. We have also launched new features that have never been seen before on our previous versions.

The new features is one you're looking at right now, we now have a dedicated blog section. This section we will be bringing news about what we are doing, along with other news from around the world in website design and development, technology, photography and many more. Keep a eye on this section. There are many more features we would like to talk about, but I wanted to keep this as an update and don't want to make you bored of reading to much (: I hope you like the new website!